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Re: Highgate and Davenports Brewery Administration


As I’m sure most of you will have heard by now Highgate and Davenports Brewery went into administration on 14th June 2010, for the second time in 9 months, making all brewery employees redundant. Firstly I would like to send them all my sincere commiserations and wish them luck for the future.

The timing was particularly unfortunate for us, as after contacting the administrators, who refused permission for us to use the visitors lounge for our open meeting that evening, I had only two hours to rearrange the venue to the White Lion, Sandwell St and contact as many of you as I could.

I was encouraged by the support given by the large number of you that attended that meeting and hope this will continue throughout the difficult months ahead.

Thanks to licensee Jason and Hannah for accommodating us at such short notice and to Dave Wilkinson for informing me of the situation and posting a note on the brewery gate to catch anyone I had missed.

Brewery current situation

Since then I have kept in regular contact with Ian Robinson an accountant for Global Star who is liasing with the brewery directors and administrators.

He informed me that the whole brewery is up for sale at a cost of £1.6 million which includes the freehold, all the brewery buildings and equipment but not the pubs, the brand names or the beer recipes.